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This eCommerce website was custom developed for a vitamin & supplement company with more than 10,000 unique products. The site has multiple versions in different languages for internationalization. Everything from security to custom checkout cart implementation to custom search engines with filtering and sorting, was entirely designed and built from the ground up. The company's customers also had the ability to manage their profiles and view their order history. We also developed a custom internal CMS for the company to add and update their products.

Services: Product Design & UX Strategy, System Architecture Development, Custom Web App Development


This online community has many features that are very common on many sites such as a commenting system, the ability to follow other users, a live newsfeed, a custom CMS for users, and many more features. This platform was custom designed, developed, user tested, and maintained over several years. This is a great example of one of the many sites where we uniquely leverage our experience iterating and scaling on and transfer that to our clients.

Services: Product Design & UX Strategy, System Architecture Development, Custom Web App Development, Audience Research and Positioning


This rapid prototype was developed in two days because we were able to leverage our work on other web applications to accelerate our design and development process for this. We took this from vague concept to fully working responsive prototype with a fully functioning server cloud infrastructure and CD pipeline. Features include the ability for users to add their referral codes for others to use, plus a beautiful and simple grid home page as well as a "How It Works" explanation page.

Services: Product Design & UX Strategy, Concept Wireframing and Prototyping, DevOps, Custom Web App Development


This advanced engineering prototype was developed in just a few days as a a prototype to manage our clients' server scripts. It is a simple UI that allows users to run and manage their Bash scripts from their browser and see the live console output directly. Behind the scenes, the Bash script is being executed in a spun up Docker container each time the script is run. Running each script in an isolated container allows for robust security and easy scalability.

Services: Concept Wireframing and Prototyping, DevOps, Custom Web App Development, Security & Compliance, System Architecture Development


This landing page was designed and developed to gather initial user interest in this web-based tool for cross-browser testing (specifically Safari). The landing page illustrates to potential users the features of the application and also gathers interested users' emails to build a mailing list for later launch notification.

Services: Product Design & UX Strategy, Concept Wireframing and Prototyping, Web App Marketing & Branding Strategy, System Architecture Strategy

Recorder Chrome Extension

This unique project prototyped an improved method of developing automated E2E Puppeteer tests. Users click record in the Chrome Extension and then they run through their tests on their website while the extension records their clicks and keystrokes. The extension then generates a Puppeteer script that can be exported and run automatically to make sure the site functionality continues to work. The target users are non-technical QA testers.

Services: Product Design & UX Strategy, Concept Wireframing and Prototyping

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