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Dedicated Talent

The extra talent needed to boost your project. One or more team members works as part of your local team, attending your regular daily meetings and reporting directly to your managers.

We're available for every type of project. No matter how simple or complex: from prototyping for a startup to full-scale development, testing, and systems management.

Dedicated Team

An expert dedicated team that works autonomously, but communicates and reports status as often as requested by you.

Our expert teams work swiftly in sprints to attack the backlog while maintaining the flexibility to re-prioritize and adjust to deliver the best possible product.

Custom Web and Mobile Application Development

We build clean, refactored code that meets global standards and we leverage automated tests to help you sleep at night. Our teams integrate daily standups, weekly demos, and process retrospections to create an optimized environment. Plus, we're always accessible for direct discussion.

Strategy and Consulting

Our goal is to make your business succeed in the long run, so we think about the product as if it were our own. We focus on the most critical business features and we hold regular meetings to help you grow your business.

From startups that need an on-demand CTO to established companies that need to navigate technology, we can help oversee engineering processes, mentor your devs, consult on architecture and solutions, as well as conduct master code reviews.

User Experience and UI Design

Focus on the usability of your digital product and create amazing user interfaces for different platforms and devices that will help you fulfill your strategy and goals. We are ready to help you at every stage of creating a delightful user experience: preparing user flow maps, sitemaps, and product prototypes.

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